Taking selfies is a worldwide phenomenon that more and more people are doing lately. Since the availability and use of mobile devices has become so rampant, selfies are the new rage. But this self photo taking fad is not just being done by average people. Even the rich and famous are taking selfies and posting them online. Some celebrities are going a step further and have been posting nude selfies of themselves. So why do celebrities love taking nude selfies and sex pics? What makes them post them online for all to see? There are a few answers to these questions that people should know.

Not too long ago, hundreds of the private iCloud accounts belonging to celebrities were hacked (http://www.benaventebaloncesto.com/). The hackers were searching for personal banking information to use for their gain. However, the hackers found something even more valuable than money. In the hacked accounts of celebs, there were hundreds of nude selfies belonging to the rich and famous. Once the hackers realized what they had on their hands, they began to post the nude photos or sex pics of celebrities online. In an instant, millions around the world began to view and share the nude celebrities images. The sex pics were turned into porn GIFS by users as well. Turning sex pictures into porn GIFS allows a person to use more than just one image. An animated porn GIF of sex pics of a celebrity can contain at least 10 photos. The 10 to 15 second clips can be compared to an animated photo collage that let users see all of the images in one GIF image.

To the surprise of many, the naked celebrity images proved that the rich and famous, are just like regular people. The nude selfies showed everyone that celebs loved taking nude photos of themselves. In the same way average users take nude selfies, the celebs were also doing it. The nude selfies of celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Hudson, Rosario Dawson, Vanessa Hudgens and Scarlett Johansson were all over the internet.

The only problem for celebrities is that people want to see them nude or in free sex pics. That means that their nude pics will spread over the web and go viral in an instant. Vanessa Hudgens took several nude selfies where even her pussy was visible. Her great tits were also seen on her sex pics. People all over began to turn the sex pics into porn GIFS and share them on http://www.cinsplace.com/.

While a few of the celebrities were horrified and upset by their nude selfies being leaked, others were not. In fact, you can say that even those celebrities who had their nude photos leaked and complained, may have been happy in the end. That’s because the attention they received from their leaked nude photos and sex pics, made them even more famous.

That can help to explain why other celebrities have resorted to releasing their own sex tapes. Or why celebs such as Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus and Gigi Hadi post their own nude selfies. They are no longer waiting for hackers to post them or for someone to leak them. Instead, many celebs are posting the nude selfies on their social media accounts. For a large amount of the famous and rich, it appears to work. They are gaining notoriety, attention, fans and followers. Plus, they make more money from advertising contracts or by selling their own products.

Kim Kardashian has made millions since the release of her sex tape. Even though her ex boyfriend made it public, Kim has been laughing all the way to the bank. She is one of most searched for reality TV personalities on the internet. Her nude selfies and sex pics are everywhere. You can find millions of porn GIF images related to the KK celebrity sex tape. A lot of the stars know that their bodies are hot and sexy. They also know fans would do anything to see them nude or in sex pics. That is why so many of them are taking nude selfies and posting them on social media sites.

In a way, celebs that post these images of themselves in the nude, take the advantage away from hackers and the paparazzi. It is as if the celebrities are saying we are going to post these sex pics and nude selfies before you do. The fans could not be happier and they want the celebs to keep the sex pics and nude selfies coming. That means more celebrity porn GIFS images for them for free.