Everyone Loves Sex Pictures

On the internet, there are never a lack of hot and erotic sex pictures. No matter what your favorite type of sex pic may be, it is there. Sex pictures rule the internet for several reasons. There are now millions of porn sites which have an endless supply of free sex pics for users to view and enjoy. With so many people using cellular phones capable of taking good quality images, anyone can take a sex picture. You also have social media sites where users share those sex pics they take with friends and others.

Another factor as to why there are so many free sex pics found online, is due to the selfie phenomenon. People love taking nude selfies or photos of themselves having sex. In many cases, they make porn videos or animated GIF images of porn and share them with others. Or they upload them to porn sites for users to view them.

The past few years, the entire reality concept has caught on and spread like wildfire. That has made amateur porn viewing a lot more popular. Anyone can take sex pics of themselves and share them on the web. There are millions of adult sites which have all types of amateur sex pictures categories. One of the most popular amateur sex pics are of hot and sexy MILFs.

Users love to see erotic and wild older women in a sex pic. You also have horny amateur housewives, amateur shaved pussies and naked mommies sex pics. Some people have taken entire photo albums of sex pics and turned them into porn GIFS. These are great because they let you view more than one picture at a time. Also, if done correctly, they can even seem as if the sex pictures are moving.

Top Ten Countries That Watch Porn

Chances are you won’t believe this list which contains the names of the countries which watch the most porn. However, according to a research done by PornMD, these top ten countries that watch porn are places where people are viewing the most pornography online. The list was compiled based on the search queries and data delivered by Google. They originated from many countries which always had strict sentiments against pornography. That may explain why porn is viewed so much in these places. With so many people now able to use the internet all over the world, porn is more easily accessible.


The top ten countries watching the most porn are as follows:


  1. Pakistan
  2. Egypt
  3. Vietnam
  4. Iran
  5. Morocco
  6. India
  7. Saudi Arabia
  8. Turkey
  9. Philippines
  10. Poland

The irony in some of these results is that most of the countries on the list are known for their internet censorship. Their controversial restrictions may be part of what has made viewing sex pics, porn GIFS and videos so popular in these countries. In countries such as America, viewing porn material has always been a lot easier. It has also been going on for decades. The majority of the countries on the list for viewing porn GIFS and sex pics, are just catching up with the rest of the world.

Still, there are still many restrictions in countries such as Iran, Saudi and Pakistan. More than half of the millions of adult websites available on the internet are still not accessible in these countries. The same goes for the site YouTube which is banned in mostly all of the countries mentioned. This proves that no matter where a person is from, they want to see sex pics and porn GIFS images. Especially if they could do so without anyone finding out.

Animated GIFS of Sexy Girls Making Out

There’s something very hot and erotic about two girls kissing each other. That may explain why animated GIFS of sexy girls making out are so popular. When you search for GIFS of girls kissing, you get tons of results. There’s a few reasons for that. Girls don’t necessarily have to be lesbians to kiss. They could simply be exploring their sexuality. Plus, in threesomes, when there are two girls and one lucky guy, the girls generally make out with each other.

Mainstream movies, TV and cable shows have millions of scenes where two girls make out with one another. Users will often take the scenes from these videos and turn them into animated GIFS. There are videos which show girl-on-girl moments in Hollywood. Some of the most famous female celebrities who have kissed other women or each other are Madonna and Britney Spears. There are also animated GIFS images of actress Scarlett Johansson kissing Sandra Bullock.

In one of the hottest and sexiest girl-on-girl scenes ever, the hot Denise Richards makes out with Neve Campbell. This came from the movie Wild Things where they even had a sensuous sex scene in front of the camera. Of course, you also have millions of animated porn GIF images of girls kissing one another. Lesbians kissing GIFS are very popular. In fact, the term lesbian was one of the most searched for terms when it came to porn viewers last year. It was in the top ten searches for men who viewed porn and number one for women.

You would be very hard-pressed not get turned on by animated gifs of sexy girls making out. In the porn industry, it is one of the most used scenes. Everyone loves porn GIFS of hot girls making out.